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Improving Finances Starts With A Phone Call

Improving Finances Starts with a Phone Call

When clients come to us they are beyond desperate. We listen to tear-filled stories about how people are stretched out beyond their means due to unexpected hardships. Injuries, loss of work, divorce…you name it, we’ve heard the stories. What we always tell our clients is they are already on the road to relief because they called an attorney. The quickest route to resolving a financial crisis is to consult an experienced debt relief lawyer and at Waterman and Mayer we have the knowledge and the compassion to ease the stress.

Sometimes not knowing what to do and what options exist can be paralyzing, especially when it comes to personal financial issues. That’s why we share a lot of valuable information on our website. For starters, our “Life After Bankruptcy” page is chock full of information about what to expect when a debtor obtains a bankruptcy discharge. We answer a series of common questions and here are the top three:

Will I be able to get a credit card after bankruptcy? Credit scores improve after bankruptcy and since debtors have to wait eight years to file Chapter 7 again, bankruptcy debtors are great potential customers for credit cards. Clients can also obtain a secured credit card which looks like a credit card but acts like a debit card.

Will I be able to rent a home after bankruptcy? In the many years we have been practicing, none of our clients have become homeless. Sometimes a co-signer is needed, but renting a new apartment is not an issue.

Will I be able to buy a new car after bankruptcy? Once discharged, there are lenders who advertise that they will lend to a former bankruptcy debtor. In Chapter 13 cases, a debtor can obtain a new car loan when it is within their budget and they are current with their Trustee payments.

Our first job is to educate clients about the various forms of financial relief that exist so they can take control over their finances. If you know someone dealing with financial hardship, please consider us a trustworthy referral. Contact my office. Your client’s first consultation is free.

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