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Mortgage Forclosure Defense & Loan Modification

If you are served with a Court of Common Pleas Complaint, you have only 20 days to file a written response with the Court. Many consumers are easily confused because there may be an arbitration date listed in the papers, and they think no answer is required. Do not be fooled!

If you do not timely file a response to the complaint with the court, in a legally sufficient manner, there will be no arbitration and the creditor can obtain a default judgment giving the creditor the ability to garnish bank accounts and seize other property.

Loan Modifications in Philadelphia, and Bucks county, PA

The threat of losing one’s home can be scary. There are a number of loan modification programs, including some offered through Fannie Mae, that are available to Pennsylvania residents.  Individual mortgage servicers generally manage their own programs through their loss mitigation department.  Each servicer has its own unique underwriting guidelines and application process.

A loan modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a Borrower’s loan. It allows the loan to be reinstated with a new payment plan the Borrower can afford.  However, getting a loan modification is not easy. The lenders often claim they never received financial documents or they lose them altogether.  Some homeowners are scammed by paying money to out of state fly-by-night outfits which take their money and disappear without any results.

Patricia Mayer personally guides her clients through the application process to obtain a loan modification. Her offices are local, so you can actually meet with her and gain the peace of mind that you have an attorney fighting for you.

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